From our climate controlled Austin warehouse or directly from certified repair stations located near major aircraft hubs, our inventory is ready for shipment when you are. Whether via daily pickup by all major freight carriers, counter to counter flight, or courier door to door delivery we can get your part to you when you need it.
With clearance with all major airlines, our regularly provides counter to counter service to our customers at domestic and international airports. With standing agreements with multiple courier services, we provide door to door shipment to many of our AOG customers around the clock.
AAI is known for our AOG service. Whether staying late to get your part to the FEDEX office before the cutoff or meeting the first available counter flight on Saturday morning, we offer AOG service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. When it comes to getting parts delivered. Austin Aerotech has you covered.
With Hazmat certified shipping personnel, AAI can assure your package safely arrives at your aircraft when you need it.
All AAI employees are continually trained to comply with all US and export controls. In addition to our strenuous QA inspections, each shipment must also complete an extensive export control compliance inspection prior to shipment.